Merry Moses From Our Family To Yours

DEC 03 | 20

Merry Moses From Our Family To Yours: Keep It Chill With This Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Pumpkin spice and all things nice season is just around the corner, so get up and get ready to splash some bling onto those Christmas trees! Yup, winter is officially here folks and there’s nothing like winding down the year cozied up with family and friends over some hot cocoa. Nothing except the excitement and sound of tearing up the wrapping paper on Christmas morning of course.

We totally get that getting the best gifts for your gals, pals, sister or mister can be tough, but take a breath, relax and chill for a minute because we’ve got you covered. 

Let us be your Moses elves this season and spread the love with some eye-popping chill essentials everyone in your crew will go nuts over. Help us help you bring you out of that holiday gifting frenzy and into a chill yoga-like vibe with these cool, colorful, timeless slides. Oh, and they’re also recyclable and 100% vegan making them the perfect (and coziest) way to bring your friends and family to the green side of life.



Freedom Moses - Slides - Resort Bling

With the festive season upon us its time to dig out the sparkly shoes and party, party, party! With a shimmer as pristine as a tree ornament, these slides will fill you with a sense of perfection and transport you far from the snowy winter to a chill oasis with their milk & honey scent. So go ahead and add a bit of eye-catching bling to your christmas outfit and buy a pair of these womens slides.



Freedom Moses - Slides - Resort Red

It’s the best time of the year to make a statement, which means sparkly lipstick, dramatic bows, and festive nail polish. But nothing makes more of an entrance than a pair of red shoes. This neutral colour (yes, we consider firetruck red a neutral colour) are for the brave, bold and brilliant souls out there who want to make a statement. What kind of statement? Well, red has always been the universal signpost for passion, happiness, and fortune- a colour of energy and love. So gifting a pair of these babies will be the perfect way of spreading the love to your whole crew and showing them how much you care- go on and make the move, buy a pair of kids slides- or women’s, or men’s.



Freedom Moses - Slides - Resort Amazonia

Help those you love chill out and relax this holiday season with a pair of cozy emerald green slides that’ll have their feet smiling right back at them. Although it may be cold and grey outside, these amazonia’s will convert even the manliest man out there into a tree hugging yogi during the craziness of the holiday season.

So step away from the turkey and buy these slides online to join in on a superterrestrial chill movement making people the embodiment of health and happiness for the year to come.



Freedom Moses - Slides - Resort Goldie

Out with the old and in with the gold, that’s how it goes…right? Either way, these vibrant goldie slides will have you and your loved ones feeling like a greek goddess this Christmas (especially during those stormy winter days). YOLO, go on and throw a pair of mini’s into the basket to twin up with your golden girl while you're at it, the more the merrier. Besides, it’s always a good idea to have an extra bit of sunshine in your closet, so go online and buy a pair of these womens slides.




Freedom Moses - Slides - Resort Silverado

Another season, another ‘it’ Moses accessory. Whoever said chic slides don’t exist will have a run for their money because these silverado slides are so sleek they’ll have you looking like a young Grace Kelly when munching on those mince pies. Got any drama queen in the family? No? We don’t believe you- so stuff these ladies into some stockings because it’s time for that diva to shine bright like a diamond with this ultra stylish, ultra cool design (they’ll thank you later).