How to Nail Mommy & Me Style

JAN 18 | 21

How to Nail Mommy & Me Style—Starting From the Feet Up

On the cuteness scale, nailing the perfect mommy and me look is right up there next to baby bunnies and cuddling kittens. And when you’re both wearing color-coordinated Freedom Moses slides (like pairing Lime with a squeeze of Mykonos or opting for the out there Hendrix in your respective sizes) it’s the actual definition of Darling. Here are eight cool ways to match your look to your mini—obviously starting from the feet up so get ready to buy your slides online!



There’s no bad choice when it comes to a Freedom Moses sandal - just as there’s no such thing as a bad ice cream flavor. To grab a sweet treat with her family, Elizabeth Savetsky went bold in Fuji while her hubby balanced things out in Grey. (Not surprisingly, his sandals look fab next to that mango raspberry combo.) As for the little ones? It’s all about the contrast between a cool pop of Ultra purple with a vanilla choco swirl. BTW, coordinating your dessert to your shoes is so in this fall.



Take on a chilly beach day (or a rainy Saturday at home) by matching with your brood, like Amanda Stanton. The key to this look is finding stylish sweats with a tapered fit for you both. And yes, we’re totally seeing spots over these sets. They say that leopard is a neutral (which, BTW, is totally true) but the pattern still looks oh-so-good with a stark and simple accessory, like our White slide.




When in doubt, put the whole family in matching swimsuits...and make sure at least one of your crew is rocking the same sandals as you, just like Rosie from Five Little Birds. BTW, mixing and matching patterns is not only okay, it’s 100% encouraged. Which is why the golden yellow Mikado Splatter (here it is for kids) links up so harmoniously with lime green whales.



Hello, supermom. Seriously, this chic momma is rocking so many of today’s biggest trends: tie-dye, bike shorts, rainbows and, of course, shimmering Freedom Moses slides in Bling. Her twinning daughters are equally as trend-friendly, showing off Pink Martini on the left and Crush on the right (pssst, zoom in to see those sparkles). Oh, and don’t forget to top off your look with a messy bun—the higher on your head, the better.



Check out those views! No, not the pretty lake and fall-ready foliage from FitFunFamilyBlog. We’re talking about those matching sandals. The soft pink tones of Baby Splatter (left) and Baby (right) have the same exact base color, making them absolutely necessary for photo ops—regardless of the backdrop. FYI, you could also recreate this look with Baby Stars, which comes in the same exact shade of perfect pink so go buy your matching women’s and kids slides online




Chill Sundays call for lazy—but absolutely not boring—outfits! Get your crew excited for a few hours of cartoons on the couch with wacky socks and cool sandals, just like TheMiniStones. While we applaud the color-coordination at play here—teal accents to play up Azura on the left, Ruby to emphasize pops of red on the right—we’re total suckers for the silver glitter of Bling in the middle. Consider this proof that mum and me style doesn’t have to be a perfectly matching trifecta in order to be Insta-ready and cute AF.


Tell ‘em who’s boss...or let your Mini Boss deliver the barking orders, so long as you’ve both got on your Army Khaki sandals (here they are for littles). BTW, the fool-proof combo of a T-shirt and faded jeans is the most effortless way to wear your Freedom Moses kicks well into fall and back-to-school season.