5 Colors That Will Take You From Bummed Out to Blissed Out

FEB 07 | 21

5 Colors That Will Take You From Bummed Out to Blissed Out In Just A Glance

We don’t know about you, but we’re kinda obsessed with finding a little bit of joy in everything we do. Opening the pantry to find just one, perfect chocolate chip cookie left? Yup, that’s joyful. Discovering Euphoria just released a bonus episode on HBO Max, right before the start of the weekend? Hell yeah, that definitely sparks joy. But what about looking down at your feet? Well, obviously if you’re wearing Freedom Moses slides you’ve got a smile on our face—but have you ever considered how the color of your sandals (or, really any item) can actually affect your mood?

Turns out, there are a few vibrant shades that are pretty much guaranteed to turn you from bummed out to blissed out with just a single glance. And, naturally, each of these shades have been given the Freedom Moses touch. Here, five colors—and sandals—that will spark joy.




We’re going to let you in on a huge secret: The brighter the shade, the happier you’ll feel. Which is why if you buy Red slides, you’ll achieve the epitome of euphoria. Sure, this color is also known for being fiery, passionate and sometimes dangerous—but who says you can’t feel a sense of happiness that captures all that thrill? To make this shade even more powerful, in terms of jubilation, wear it with other colors that are equally as punchy and bright. 




On the other hand, lavender is like, the most soothing color. And what’s more joyful than feeling utterly and truly calm? Just think of the flower it was named after and take a deep breath. Ahhhh. Mentally, you’re in a spa. Which is kinda how you’ll feel when you slip on some Parma sandals...even if you’re headed to work or stuck in a traffic jam. In that case, just look at your shoes, visualize a swaying field of lavender flowers. Now you’re happy and relaxed.




You’d be hard pressed to find anything more cheerful than our Vitamin C slides. Not only is it named after the vitamin found in a refreshing glass of freshly squeezed OJ (and also the stuff that comes from a box) but the vibrant orange hue is often associated with a slew of oh-so-happy words. To name a few: joy, sunshine, warmth, enthusiasm, health, freedom, fascination and balance. Uh, did anybody else just decide orange was their fave color? BRB, we’re gonna go buy orange slides.




There’s a reason why you see street signs and warning symbols splashed in bright yellow: It’s so hard notto notice this shade. Yellow screams: ‘Look at me, I’m fabulous and I’m not afraid to show it off to the world!’ And we’re all about that lifestyle. But if you’d prefer to rock this luminous, gleeful shade without looking like a caution sign, we’ve got you covered with the soft sorbet shade of Sugar. And for those who are looking to let their feet be the center of attention, make your feet happy in a pair of yellow sandals.




Brights are perhaps the most obvious way to pack in joy; but don’t forget about the smile-inducing power of a pretty pastel. In fact, the peach hue (that can be found in our Capri style) is known to radiate with a feeling of friendship and caring. It’s soft and sugary sweet, just like dessert. And it kinda feels like an Italian summer vacation. That, my friends, is the truest definition of joy.