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Buying ethical shoes is easier said than done. Have you ever met someone who boasts about how they’re reducing their carbon footprint without realizing their “locally sourced” shoes had to be shipped halfway round the world?

Checking all the boxes of fair trade, vegan, eco-friendly and sustainable fashion without compromising style and comfort takes time and commitment. It means spending a little extra for a higher quality product and doing your research to learn which brands are really earth-friendly. More than that, it takes a certain mindset. Truth is, not many people can say their shoes are 100% ethical simply because not many people are willing to make the effort. Hey, we can’t all be perfect, but here are 5 signs that say you’re getting damn close.


1. You wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something that could have been your pet

If you’ve ever seen a David Attenborough wildlife documentary and thought, ‘why, this cutie would make a gorgeous strappy sandal’, then this one’s not for you. People who buy ethical shoes believe that animals belong in nature, not on our feet. And they respect that belief by buying vegan shoe alternatives. If you’re one of those, you probably have at least one amazing animal print slides on your shelf.

leo mint & leo cactus slides

2. Your wardrobe passes the 30 wears test with flying colors

The 30 wears challenge - originally started by Livia Firth - is one of the best ways to tell if you’re a real ethical fashionista. The idea is to only buy an item if you really know that you'll wear it a minimum of 30 times. This doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all your favorite tops and become a minimalist. It just means that you only buy something if you know it would make you look good and feel comfortable wherever you go.

3. You’re rocking those ethical shoes come rain or shine

If you own a pair of cruelty-free women’s slides then there’s a big chance you’re also one of those annoying people who look effortlessly chic year-round. Having a trans-seasonal wardrobe is the crux of all great dressers. Because matching those worn out jeans with a timeless coat and a pair of Unicorn slides - whether in fall, winter, spring or summer - is an art form.

More to the point, having a closet full of smart pieces that layer well and work with stripped back outfits is a sure sign that you’re a real sustainable consumer.

unicorn slides

4. You understand that quality over quantity is the secret to a chill life

My nana once told me - buy cheap, pay twice. What she meant was that if I’d bought a pair of quality slides I wouldn’t have had to go back home that time my cheap sandal broke and then I wouldn’t have been late for my nephew’s birthday party.

What can we do? Most of us are trapped in a vicious cycle of expensive new trends, constantly buying new items only to replace them a couple of weeks later and producing our fair share of carbon footprint in the process.

But not you. You’re the kind of person that has a capsule wardrobe filled with timeless, sustainable and high-quality items that can be endlessly mixed and matched and last for years. Good for you!

5. Those greenwashing campaigns don’t fool you one bit

The more informed fashion buyers demonstrate an awareness of ethical shopping, the more we hear about eco-conscious and sustainable brands. But can we really take their claims at face value? Depends.

There are companies that use green marketing campaigns to make it sound like their products are 100% environmentally friendly, where in fact they’re not doing that much to support our planet.

Luckily, you’re the type of person that takes the time to research before making a purchasing decision. This could be anything from looking through the about or social responsibility section of a brand’s site to doing a quick scan of online product reviews.

This is the final proof that you truly care. We all have a way to go and buying vegan slides or simply taking the time to learn what brands are doing to create a better world is a great place to start.


Congratulations! Ethical shoes is definitely your thing

A real sustainable fashionista, you are officially part of the solution. You incentivize organizations to work in a more ethical way, looking snazzy in the process. Nice!

kelly slides