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AUG 01 | 21


Last year will go down as the year that redefined what physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing means to us. Now well into 2021, we’re still exploring new ways to replenish and recharge as we prepare for a yet unknown future.

This August, we celebrate National Wellness Month by focusing on wholesome habits that make us feel good in mind, body and spirit. Here, 4 emerging wellness trends that are making self-care more accessible, uncomplicated and fun.

1. Restful self-care routines

Home rest, self-care routines and natural retreats provided a much needed escape during the pandemic. Today, they are considered an essential means to restore and maintain health and wellbeing. 

  • Digital detoxing. Our screen-fatigued brains are in desperate need of a few hours of technology-free activities. Shutting out the noise from social media, phones and TV is one wellness trend that is helping people be more present and restore balance in their lives both online and offline. 
  • Simpler skincare routines. 2020 has made hand sanitizers and masks a fact of life. Moving forward, we’ll see people redirecting their focus from dealing with germs and outbreaks to at-home skincare routines that are simple, organic and soothing. 
  • Wellness retreats. It took a while to catch on, but finding time for oneself has finally become a social norm. From putting on comfy slides and going for a nice walk in the park to exploring sound healing therapies, mindful practices are gaining popularity.




2. Healthy mind in a healthy body

We need our full mental faculties in order to continue functioning in what sometimes feels like a dysfunctional world. 

  • Talking about it. Gone are the days when seeing a mental health professional was met with a raised eyebrow. Instead, seeking different forms of counseling and therapy is now a must. And with it we’re seeing a rise of online solutions providing a safe and effective alternative to in-person support. 
  • Exploring CBD. No longer taboo, CBD, also known as cannabidiol, was already a booming industry. In a pandemic stricken world, spending the day in your Unicorn slides while exploring personalized CBD solutions from skincare products to edibles has become the natural answer to treating anxiety and offsetting stress. 




3. De-stress fitness

Without access to gyms and health clubs, home exercise has become more essential than ever. 

  • Hello, Fitness. Living rooms are now workout studios while trainers have transitioned to streaming various offerings. With the price, proximity and fear barriers to entry to the world of fitness reduced, all that’s left to do is choose the fitness routine that’s right for you.
  • Going easy on the body. Thankfully, we seem to be moving away from the world of “crushing it” at the gym and towards low-impact workouts that help us feel a little less crushed. Emotional-based exercises like yoga, stretching, and gentler modalities are all great tools for tending to our inner self while preparing our bodies to better handle an uncertain environment.
  • Out is in. After a year of nothing but Zoom and Netflix, it just feels good to slide into those happy slides and go outside for some fresh air. No wonder that more and more people are going al fresco, moving their workouts to the beach or park.




4. Comfortable sanctuaries

One of our favorite wellness trends is driven by comfort-consumerism. This is a chance for brands like Freedom Moses to live up to our brand promise. That is, helping people reduce anxiety, offer consolation and develop personal style preferences that combine comfort and wellness with a touch of frill.

  • Nesting. Proper work from home essentials and decorating with nature in mind will become more important for keeping comfort, functionality, and boundaries of our living spaces top of mind. 
  • Simplifying our spaces. Expect to see more and more homes reduce clutter, keeping only what makes people happy. This is a wonderful way to be more mindful about the products we buy, investing in quality over quantity. 
  • Classing up the quarantine wardrobe. As we cocoon ourselves from the outside world, we seek soft, warm clothes that provide more physical, tactile comfort. A rising wellness trend, the work-from-home look includes a fabulous mix of chillwear with items like soft Isla slides or athleisure pieces.